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With Coluko you can...

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Find Freelancers

There is not a better way to locate a freelancer. In fact, using Coluko there are several ways to search and find freelancers within the app.

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Recommend favourites

Do people often ask you, “Can you recommend a...”? Well, Coluko allows you to easily share your recommendations and support your favourite freelancers.

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Stay Connected

Coluko is digital. So, every time your favourite freelancer makes a change to their details or has an offer on, you will be the first to know about it. Keeping you up to date and in contact.

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Why Coluko

Looking for a freelancer?

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Stay in touch with your very own VIP list

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How we all use Coluko


Hover the people above to see how they use Coluko...

Sarah is a Singer. Sarah, started using Coluko first when she was looking for a piano player to collaborate with for a show.

Sarah Introduced Layla, her sister, to Coluko when Layla was getting married to Juan and they needed a DJ.

Corin, Layla and Sarahs’ Mother, is a Freelance florist, She uses Coluko to promote her services. She also used Coluko to help Tony, her fiancé find a freelance web designer for his business.

Beth and Corin are sisters. Corin told Beth and Tony no2 to use Coluko to find an entertainer for Sidneys 1st birthday. They found a face painter, a clown, and a magician using the app.

Sidney hasn’t used Coluko Yet :-(

But, Kennith Tonys brother will be, as he and Eva are soon to plan their engagement party, and they are looking for an event co-ordinator.

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Find out how Coluko works for freelancers.

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Find out about Coluko for businesses and how to become a registered hotspot.

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