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Why Coluko

By using Coluko to support Freelancers and Micro businesses, you are supporting:

Locally Sourced

Local businesses, who use local products

Low Income

Individuals who are surviving on less then the national median

Minority Groups

Black, Asian and Ethnic groups within all societies

Green Initiatives

Businesses who make it a priority to offset Greenhouse gases emitted by human activities ranging from complex

Young Businesses

Businesses owned by individuals in the age range of 18- 30, businesses likely to need networking, collaboration and partnership support


New businesses that are likely to require, support, guidance and investment to grow


Coluko is not just a directory

Coluko is an extremely powerful business growth tool for Freelancers and micro businesses.

Coluko helps by using smart technology to power the growth and wellness of Freelancers and Micro-businesses. We believe that access to assistive technology will change the game for marginalised businesses whom have not been able to afford software support.

Through Coluko our users can access free software specifically built to automatically enhance their online visibility, Save our users time and money on marketing, promotional and networking activities, plus provide a platform for our users to learn and access support from a like minded community.

We want to see Micro-businesses and freelancers have more opportunities to grow, 98% of the businesses in the UK are Small businesses whom cannot afford the time, money and resources able to grow.

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