There has never been a better time for freelancers to learn something they did not know about their skill, service or product.

These hard times will come to an end, and when they do, freelancers be ready. There will not only be more great freelancers looking to recover work lost, but there will also be people wanting to fast track events that they were unable to have or attend during the Pandemic.

It does not matter what your trade is, from caterers to musicians, there is always more to learn, and reading is on the checklist of things you can do in isolation.

If you like books then we recommend Audible - an online book streaming service:

AudibleWith Audible you can download books, store them in a library and listen to them at your convenience. It costs about £7.99 per month but you’re welcome to try their 30 day free trial to begin with.

Remember, you don’t have to read or download a resource book. A simple-to-read biography about someone in a similar situation to you can provide all the uplifting, motivational and educational content that you need to set you back on track.

A tip from Coluko
Coluko Tip

It’s always a good idea to let us and your network know about what you have decided to read.

You, can use this information to generate content and to engage your users. Ask them if they have read the book, and/or what they think about it? That way it will show just how much you care and invest in your service and your audience will grow in trust for you. We on the other hand will be sure to re-post you to our audience and hopefully share our network wit you. Win, Win!

Neema Morel

Neema is an entrepreneur and Business strategist. Founder of Oratus Enterprise (including Oratus 10) a business strategy and assistance company and Oratus Moretech (of which is the parent company of Coluko and the Coluko app), a software and technology company.

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