Are you a freelancer looking for guidance on how to market yourself? With the current pandemic, more and more people are looking for remote working opportunities.

I have been freelancing as a writer for over a year now, and throughout this time I have found a variety of useful ways to promote my freelance services. In this post I will be sharing tips on how to market yourself as a freelancer.

Tip 1: Join Online Groups To Market Yourself As A Freelancer
Are you a freelancer? Looking for ways to promote and market yourself as a freelancer? This blog post shares seven tips to help you grow your network as a freelancer.

Joining groups created on social forums, in particular Facebook, has been one of the most effective ways in which I have come to market myself. Through these groups, I have been able to share my services whilst learning of other opportunities. This in turn, has helped me gain more clients! You can find groups within your niche, by typing keywords in the search bar to match your field, for example ‘Freelance Creatives’.

There are more and more groups being created, specifically for people to promote their work and share working opportunities. It is definitely a key point in marketing yourself. As freelancers, we may spend a lot of time alone, so actively joining groups where other freelancers are, is a great way to find like-minded people who understand the lifestyle.

Tip 2: Consistency Is Key
How to market yourself as a freelancer: encouraging board of consistency

One of the most unique characteristics that define a freelancer is resilience. Although there is a lot of flexibility in choosing what and who you want to work with, you’ll still have to be on the lookout for new opportunities regularly. This takes persistence and consistency.

When starting out, it can be more challenging. However, the more you work at it, share your work, reach out to prospects and follow them up, the greater your chances are of winning over a client.

Tip 3: Promote Your Services On Your Social Media Account
Social media tablet to market yourself as a freelancer

I set up my Instagram a few months into freelancing when I gathered it would be my main source of income. Now, depending on the service you are offering, you may not need to create a separate account for your services. You could transform the one you already have into one that shares your content too.

Whatever you decide, make sure you are consistent in sharing your freelance services on your social media accounts, so that people can recognise you as being the go-to person in your chosen field. If you do decide to stick with a personal account that you already have, the username should reflect you and your brand.

When you create posts, always use hashtags to expand your reach and spend time commenting, liking and even DM’ing prospects to help build your audience and reach potential clients.

Tip 4: Email Prospects To Market Yourself As A Freelancer
Email screenshot to market yourself as a freelancer

I have found approaching prospects via email to be one of the most effective ways of successfully gaining clients. I think this is because it offers a more professional approach and you can delve deeper into your services highlighting how you could work for the prospect’s business.

Begin by researching brands you would like to work with, identify how you can work with them, find their email address (usually on their website) and then email them. Your email should explain what you can offer them and reference your experience, showcasing examples of your work. If you’d like a template for a professional prospect email, I offer a free sample to my blog subscribers, as well as an invoice template including a clause of your rights as a UK freelancer.

Tip 5: Collaborate With Other Freelancers
Freelancers collaborating

Look for ways you can create with other freelancers. This will help build your connections and credibility. Freelancing is an ongoing journey of seeking projects. So, collaborating with someone on one project could lead to you working together again further down the line or even them recommending you. Although, as freelancers we are sole-traders, we still need links to opportunities. Arguably more than anyone else!

Also, when you work with someone, ask them for a testimonial, which you can then share on your socials and website.

Tip 6: Search Engine Optimised Website
Search Engine Optimisation text for marketing

Your website should be your digital storefront. Visitors should be able to find out all about your brand from this website. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is essential in website building. There are certain things you should do when creating your website, to help increase your chances of ranking on Google. Some of these include writing in an engaging, conversational way. Too much passive voice doesn’t help with SEO. There are tools to help you with this, such as YoastSEO on WordPress. If you’re not a fan of writing, you can hire a freelancer to create this content for you.

I’d also recommend investing in a self-hosted website so that you own the domain and it creates a much more professional look.

Tip 7: Use Coluko To Market Yourself As A Freelancer
girl networking as freelancer

As I am sure you already know, Coluko, of course, is directly created for freelancers! It is a way for brands to locate and recommend freelancers, so in a sense, it does a lot of the marketing for you, once you set up your profile! If you haven’t already, why not create a profile today?

I hope this list of tips on how to market yourself as a freelancer helps you in your journey.

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