We have been searching for support information links for freelancers/self employed and small businesses.

The purpose of these links is to act as a resource.

It is such a challenging time and we don’t expect neither do we think it’s a great idea to bombard yourself with two much information. So, we have listed the links with brief info on what’s included. With the idea that you should read the breakdowns and decide whether you would like to tackle that information today or simply log the link and look at it on another day. We have also stuck to 1st hand information rather than 2nd hand sources to ensure that you are getting the exact literature in accordance to the topic.

Links, guidance and more
Small business Grants fund

This fund is offering grants up £10,00 for businesses currently receiving Small business rates relief.

For retail hospitality and leisure services, this could be up to £25,000 if you currently receive Expanded Retail Discount.

If you have not heard about the above terms it’s likely that you are not receiving these benefits and therefore not eligible.

Small Business Grants Fund (SBGF) and Retail, Hospitality and Leisure Grant Fund (RHLGF)

If your 18 – 30 then the Princes Trust in collaboration with Natwest are offering business support through fee free overdrafts up to £5,000. They have a 5 million pound budget to do so.

Princes Trust and Natwest Enterprise Fund

£50,000 Grant if your business has an idea to respond to the current Covid-19 crisis. Innovate have a fund of £20 million for ambitious technologies to build UK resilience following coronavirus outbreak. If your business has an innovative idea then hurry the deadline is 17th April 2020

if you have been hearing terms like ‘Furlough’ ‘job retention and ’80% pay, being thrown around and want clarification on what this could mean for you. Take a read through this official paper on governmental support available

General Support Available for businesses official paper

If you would like general information on support then this link is a good brief introduction to support for freelancers

IPSE general advice for freelancers and the self-employed

That is all for now but we will keep updating this page with more useful resources so be sure to check back in a few days.

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