How To Market Yourself As A Freelancer: Top 7 Tips

Are you a freelancer looking for guidance on how to market yourself? Here are 7 top tips.

By Maxine Harrison on 17th April, 2020
Freelancing online groups

With the current pandemic, more and more people are looking for remote working opportunities.

COVID-19 Support Links for Freelancers

Links, guidance and more

By Neema Morel on 7th April, 2020
Coluko Blog

We have been searching for support information links for freelancers/self employed and small businesses.

Why now is the best time to read

There is a book for every freelancer

By Neema Morel on 6th April, 2020
Coluko Blog

There has never been a better time for freelancers to learn something they did not know about their skill, service or product.

Freelancing Misconceptions

Freelancing doesn’t mean free

By Neema Morel on 8th February, 2020
Coluko Blog

We have been talking to some of our freelancing community recently about the misconceptions of freelance work. Hopefully you will read through this article and be able to relate to some, if not all of the misconceptions that came up. We will be extremely interested to know if you can think of any that haven’t been included.