About Coluko

Not just a directory

Coluko is an extremely powerful business growth tool for Freelancers and micro businesses.

We provide a free, simple to use mobile application packed full of carefully researched utilities aimed at saving our users time and money in gaining visibility as a start-up. We also provide an online market place dedicated to publicising and driving traffic through to our users. Helping our users to gain and retain new clients.

“We want to see freelancers and micro-businesses grow…we see you”

How it works

Supporting the freelance and start-up industry

Coluko works by giving service providers a simple to use app, that allows you to list all your contact information in one place. The app then gets to work by publicly listing you as ready for business on our website directory. We put a lot of effort into marketing and so your listing on our website is 10x more likely to bring in clients then having your own website.

Whilst we work our magic on gaining you new clients, you can use the app to view insights into how your business is performing, what is trending in your industry, key dates to plan your business activity around and lots more support and information tailored to your industry.

But even more magical, via the app you can update all your information that is visible on the website in real time (no need for a web developer). You can also connect with people by NFC (directly by tapping onto other NFC devices) and by GPS (Perfect for working on site and wanting people to find and book you from a short distance).

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How it Works

About the Coluko App for Freelancers

A freelance hub for listing services and growing your business

List Your Services

No need to create a fancy website, download our app, list your contact details & in minutes your services become publicly visible.

Promote your business

Create offers and encourage sales of your service. Customers who come through our website get directed straight to your business sites at no extra charge.

Free Business Support

We have a team of business experts, and organisations invested in providing the best in app business support and offers for you.

Locate Nearby on the Coluko App

Digitalise Your Brand

Let us make your current business card digital, so that you can send it all over the world without sacrificing your brand identity.

Access Exclusive Offers

We have allowed a select few companies to offer exclusive deals and even free samples in app. Allowing our users to be the first to trial relevant products and services.

Keep Clients updated

Coluko is digital. So you can make changes to your details and create offers via the app. It’s simple, takes minutes and automatically updates your previous clients.

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About the Coluko Online Directory

Our online public directory for finding service providers for events

Search for vendors on our platform, here is why:

  • Our range of service providers is large and unique - we focus on finding highly talented, authentic and diverse providers.
  • We don’t charge you anything to contact our service providers.
  • We provide direct contact information to our service providers.
  • Our Approach is holistic and transparent, so you can find all the information you need before booking.
  • We offer a robust rating system so that you can see what other users think.
  • We provide an in house checking service on our users, to maintain standards.
  • We work with our service providers to be able to offer you deals listed on our site.
  • You can save and sort and share service providers via our website.

By searching Coluko you are joining the new way to connect with unique providers.

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About the Coluko Online Directory

The Coluko Digital Gold Card

Modern, Stylish, Reusable NFC

The benefits:

  • You never run out of business cards - As this is made from recycled plastic and has a NFC chip that allows you to transfer your business details via tapping it on to other devices.
  • You don’t have to loose contacts - As you update your business information on the app it auto updates the individuals whom already have your details stored.
  • Saves you money for continuous prints of paper business cards.
  • You get to store your own design (which paired with our app allows for animated business designs).
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Digital Business Card Range

How we all use Coluko

Hover the people below to see how they use Coluko…

Sarah is a Singer. Sarah, started using Coluko first when she was looking for a piano player to collaborate with for a show.

Sarah Introduced Layla, her sister, to Coluko when Layla was getting married to Juan and they needed a DJ.

Corin, Layla and Sarahs’ Mother, is a Freelance florist, She uses Coluko to promote her services. She also used Coluko to help Tony, her fiancé find a freelance web designer for his business.

Beth and Corin are sisters. Corin told Beth and Tony no2 to use Coluko to find an entertainer for Sidneys 1st birthday. They found a face painter, a clown, and a magician using the app.

Sidney hasn’t used Coluko Yet :-(

But, Kennith Tonys brother will be, as he and Eva are soon to plan their engagement party, and they are looking for an event co-ordinator.

How we all use Coluko
Coluko Freelancers

Find out how list your services on Coluko and become part of the comunity.

Coluko Businesses

Find out about Coluko for businesses and how to become a registered hotspot.

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