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Powering Freelance and Micro Businesses

About Us

Coluko is an extremely powerful business growth tool for Freelancers and micro businesses.

At Coluko we use technology to provide a simple to use mobile application packed full of smart AI systems that work to save our users time and money in boasting visibility and growing clients. We have built our technology in house to be able to insure the accuracy of our automation and the seamlessness of our features. Coluko also has an online directory linked to the app that supports to drive traffic through to our users whilst integrating key social platforms to highlight and increase visibility of their activity.

“We want to see freelancers and micro-businesses grow…we see you, Coluko works to make the world see what you can do”.

Neema Morel

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Coluko is Yours for Free!

Our mission is simple. We want to use technology to revolutionise the way small businesses do business.

We know that the gap between small business and large business is widening and we know that the access that large businesses have to technology allows them to be more organised, more knowledgeable, more visible and not only bring in but retain more clients. We know this because we built these softwares see our Journey.

A fairer playing field.

Access to technology

Not only provision of business growth software but the expertise necessary to power it.

Business Awareness

Our software runs checks and “spots the differences” that are impeding your business growth.

Business support

A central hub for knowledge & learning on current business strategies and softwares.

Marketing support

Support with marketing, traction, lead generation & retention.

Green Initiative

Support and advice on becoming a greener company.

We know that 99% of the businesses in the UK are small businesses. We also know that more than 50% of these businesses will fail in the first 5 years due to support and finance. Finally we know that there is a correlation between the types of business that fail and their owners personal background see who you support by supporting Coluko.

Coluko the Directory and Coluko the App

The App (for businesses)

List your business

For Free

Promote Yourself

By Creating Offers

Free Business Support

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Your Brand


Exclusive Offers

Keep Clients


Stay Updated

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In On Place

The Website (for everyone)

Service Providers

Our range of service providers is large and unique - we focus on finding highly talented, authentic and diverse providers.

Direct Contact

We don’t charge you anything to contact our service providers, and provide direct contact information to our service providers. Our approach is holistic and transparent, so you can find all the information you need before booking.

Fully Verified

We offer a robust rating system so that you can see what other users think, as well as provide an in house checking service on our users, to maintain standards. We also work with our service providers to be able to offer you deals listed on our site, so you can save and sort and share service providers via our website.

Extras We Offer

Want more from Coluko? We have courses, resources and specialists on hand.

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